App Hosting

When developing mobile apps reliability, uptime, hosting costs, backup, development time and mobile client caching are all important things to consider. But while we can’t control your development time or mobile clients that people use, we can guarantee that your data will be secure and always available on our servers. We take care of back-ups, server maintenance and uptime. And you only pay for what you useletting your app hosting account stretch and shrink automatically depending on how busy is your app.

How is app hosting different from standard web hosting?

While mobile app hosting is very similar to your every day hosting, there are some intricacies you should be aware of. While it matters how fast a web page loads in web hosting, in app hosting it matters how fast the data is computed on the server and transferred to a mobile device.

Don’t buy a small package which would choke not being able to server your customers when your app becomes popular. At the same time, don’t waste money on the enterprize plans paying for high resource usage during the quiet time.

We do app hosting on our cloud hosting servers specially designed to serve mobile data in the most efficient way.

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